SOLD Yamaha SG-30 1974

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This 1974 Yamaha SG-30 is an absolutely killer guitar and example of affordable vintage. Yamaha Music Corporation produced a series of early Yamaha SG double cutaway prototypes. These were the Yamaha SG-30, 35, 50, 70. In 1974 the phenomenal SG-90 and SG-175 were released. Like these later models, the SG-30 is a light weight early SG with a good playability and versatile sound.

The guitar has a solid body with a 4-bolted neck, rosewood fret board with mother of pearl dot position markers, Chrome Hardware and Tuning pegs. The sound is through high output Yamaha’s own pickups. Yamaha SG-30 guitars were made from 1972 till 1974. Excellent condition for its age. 

Serial: 24108
Finish: Cherry Red
Case: N/A