Rikstone C9 (ECL82 tubes)

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Rikstone C9 is based on the Swedish Hagström 39, which was produced in the early 1960s and was a very popular and used amplifier in the Nordic countries because of its sound.

The amplifier sounds very beautiful and sophisticated, and its tremolo is one of the best ever made. It is not a distortion machine.

Models based on these circuits have been produced with at least the following variations:

  • An echo can be added, and it works quite well in these, even if it's not a surf echo.
  • Lineout can be implemented with or without adjustments.




  • The amplifier is always built in a wooden or plywood case. The wood material is 18mm pine/ birch, the panels are 9-12mm plywood. Wooden pins are used for joints, i.e. no screws are used. Alternatively, the enclosure can also be made from 18mm plywood, but then the enclosure will be heavier. A genuine lacquered (2x) tweed finish gives the case a more durable surface than tolex, for example, and has a vintage feel.