Matchless DC-30 2007

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This legendary amp started it all! It smells and sounds like boutique written all over it. Sparkling clean sounds, enormous headroom and crispy, yet still beefy crunch by using the master volume. Ahhh.... This one will be hard to let go.

Preamp Tubes: One EF86, three 12AX7s (one for PI)
Output Tubes: Four EL84s in class A, cathode-bias.
Rectifier: GZ34
Controls: Channel 1 – Volume, Bass, Treble: Channel 2 – Volume, Tone: Shared – Cut, Master
Speakers: one Celestion G12M Greenback, one Celestion G12H-30 (modified)
Output: 30 watts RMS

Amp does not come with flight case and it actually weights like hell. Unfortunately we are not sending this amp via mail etc.

Available as a GAAS-product.