HMS Guitars “Vanguard”

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HMS Vanguard was inspired by the famous Danelectro Masonite guitars. This is also a semi-hollow design, but the main difference is the use of Baltic Birch plywood instead of Masonite. 6 mm on the top and 9 mm in the back. The body thickness is 40 mm.

First I intended to disguise the sides with veneer but changed my mind - the raw plywood actually looks kind of cool - let’s keep it that way. The default version has bindings on the top and comes with a P-90 bridge pickup, a minihumbucker neck pickup and a wraparound bridge.


Body: Semi hollow Baltic Birch plywood

Neck: Birch or Maple (bolted neck joint)

Fingerboard: Pau Ferro

Scale length: 25”

Radius: 10"

Tuners and bridge: Wilkinson

Pickups: Wilkinson or Seymor Duncan

Finish: Hardened Shellac varnish

Weight: 3.2KG