Gibson ES-330 1961

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Incredible condition, some wear to the headstock corners. Aside from that, it’s pristine. Small 1” F-Hole crack was repaired professionally by master luthier Martin Bravo (US).

Released in 1959 as the successor to the ES-225, the ES-330 was an instantly popular model sharing styling cues from the recently released Thinline ES Range. Unlike the ES-335, ES-345 and ES-355 the ES-330 was a fully hollow instrument with a body/neck joint at the 16th fret. This gave the ES-330 a different feel and sound to the rest of the Thinline range. Like the ES-225 it was available in single (330T) and double (330TD) pickup options The model was popular throughout the sixties, selling well for Gibson with the model regularly out performing the rest of the thinline range.

Comes with the original Lifton case
Serial number: 23272
Cherry Red Finish
No lacquer checking
Beautiful maple body, binding has aged into a yellow tint
Pat. No. Single Line Kluson Tuners
Trapeze Tailpiece W/ No-Wire ABR-1 Bridge
Original Bone Nut
Original Pots w/ original soldering
Original P-90 Pickups w/ original soldering
C-Shape Neck Profile
1 11/16” Nut Width
Pro refret in 2022

Please ask first if you are coming to the shop to test the guitar: or +358443737376


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