Gallien-Krueger 200MV 1980s

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"Designed to give you full control of your voice over other voices and instruments in the monitor mix without affecting the mix or anyone else's monitors. With level, bass and treble controls for the auxiliary in (monitor send from PA), built-in echo and a 7-band graphic equalizer all on the 200MV, the user can not only do his own personal monitor mix but can also cut out any unwanted monitor feedback again without affecting anyone else. The 200MV can also be used as a kind of "Mini PA" for the one man show situation. The auxiliary inputs on the rear panel can be used for drum machines or bass line machines while the two regular inputs on the front panel can be used for vocals and a guitar or keyboards. The 200MV can be used in many different monitoring and recording situations depending on your needs."
-Gallien-Krueger 200MV Manual

This amplifier is in excellent condition and comes with the original box. The speakers are also in excellent condition and sound great, although there is a bit of white noise even when the volume is all the way down. These amps were marketed as a monitor/mini-PA, but are perfect for the guitar because the 7-band EQ allows you to dial in a wide range of tones and the power is unbelievable for an amplifier of this size- the original lunchbox!

- 100W @ 4 Ohms (internal speaker)
- 72W @ 8 Ohms (external speaker)
- XLR input with -10dB pad
- 1/4" line input
- 1/4" mono or stereo aux input
- 7-band EQ
- Aux input level, bass, and treble controls
- Master volume control
- Direct outputs for channels 1 and 2
- Internal speaker switch for private headphone listening or using an external
- IEC power cable included