Electro-Harmonix 2880 Looper

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Excellent preowned condition, original box, power adapter, two flash cards, manual included.

  • Non-compressed audio 44.1k, 16-bit CD fidelity Audio storage of 480 seconds for each track
  • 6 available tracks when using a 256 megabyte card (expandable to 2 gigabytes)
  • External in/out MIDI clocking
  • Automatic format conversion to Mac or PC via USB
  • Complex multi-track loops can be created with ease
  • Now includes a 1 GB card providing up to 31 minutes per track
  • Loop speed change over a 2 octave range
  • Reverse playback and over-dub mode
  • MIDI Clock Sync as master or slave
  • USB port enables backup/restore to/from PC or MAC
  • Overdub or punch in/out recording
  • Stereo or mono recording
  • Familiar transport controls
  • Selectable quantize or non-quantize (free running) modes
  • Built-in metronome
  • Separate stereo mixdown track frees tracks for re-use
  • Individual panning per track
  • 9LDC-500 power supply included