DCP-09 TIGERSHARK Distortion Gate

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Based on Caline CP-77 Bounty Hunter Heavy metal and CP-39 Noise Gate

The right side Distortion:  New high gain distortion pedal with plenty of punch. 

With 3 controls - Volume, Distortion and Mid 

The 2-way selector switch - Extreme/Classic, allows a subtle variation from the more compressed classic tone to the more open modern extreme sound. 

The left side Gate: The Noise CP-39 is a noise gate pedal which can help reduce the noise hum and buzz of other pedals (especially high gain distortion) in your pedal chain. There are two main controls. The sensitivity control dictates the level when the noise gate kicks in. At higher settings anything below aggressive strumming will be cut. The two way selector switch controls if the gate kicks in aggressively switch a steep volume cut, or more softly with a gradual cut.

Introducing Caline DCP-09 Tigershark Gated Distortion! Tight metal tone, at an affordable price. We didn't see anybody making an affordable simplified heavy metal pedal with a gate for modern players...so we made one. The right side is our Bounty Hunter Heavy Metal Distortion, The Left is our Noise gate. Use both together or individually. The perfect predator.