DCP-07 Brigade Dual Overdrive

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Based on CP-49 Milander +CP-12 Pure sky (our best seller)

The Right side Milander Overdrive: A representation of the classic Tube Screamer, with a RC4558 chip. The overdrive effect is mellow, mild, smooth--simply exquisite! Also nice sustain.

The Left side Pure Sky Overdrive: The Pure Sky has a great high end with plenty of transparency. It can either be used as a overdrive or can be used in more of an EQ role being always on and used to shape your tone. The 4 knobs allows massive versatility in your sound. You can cut or boost with surprising precision. In terms of build quality the Pure Sky really impresses. Despite its incredibly low cost the pedal is durably built in a sturdy metal enclosure. It also has True Bypass design, with aluminum alloy casing and a durable feeling foot switch.  The Voice switch can changing the position of the two ovedrive order.