CP-56 The Mayday

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The Mayday based on the sound of a Vox AC30 amplifier--that classic British rock sound all guitarists dream about. It has sparkly high end, like the Top Boost model, and works on Drive to about 7 for subtle forms of overdive with harmonic overtones. 

Good for players who value a clean sound with a little warmth. It can also dirty up when drive is cranked hard to 9 or 10. Sounds really good direct as video shows. With the unique "voice" control you can dial in never before heard tones. Level and drive controls add incredible range, while the 3-band eq offers even more flexibility when it comes to getting an original sound.

Vox Style British Class A Amp Sim

Level, Voice, Drive controls

Voice control shapes overdrive character


  1. True Bypass design, with aluminum alloy casing
  2. Power requirements: AC adapter 9v DC Center Negative
  3. Current consumption: 50mA
  4. Product Dimensions: 11.9x9.4x3.8cm
  5. Weight:0.40kg