Caline CP-205 Power Supply Manual

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Please keep this manual for future reference.


When using this device please follow the instructions below:

  1. Do not disassemble or modify the equipment.
  1. In case of abnormality, please disconnect the device.

        3.If you observe smoking, abnormal smell and sound, please stop and                              disconnect  the device immediately.

  1. Do not operate or store the device outdoors, or in an environment where water, moisture or high temperature is present.
  1. Do not store in a place with vibration.(Otherwise, it may cause device failure)
  2. Isolate the device from the mains electricity supply when not in use. (Otherwise, it may cause fire)

Welcome using this transparent DC multi power supply, This power supply gives you visual sense of  beauty and clear indication of power.

The power supply has 8 outputs for powering a variety of different effects including Drum effect, multi effect and digital delay pedals.

 The Circuit has anti-ground noise and anti-interference treatment, to give you a 100% clear sound.

Each output is independent and with short circuit protection which is indicated by the LED lights.

When it is giving power the light is on, If a circuit failure occurs the light will go out.

USB port 5V 2A is ideal for charging cell phones or tablet PC

8 outputs:

7 outputs 9V DC @ 300mA

1 output 9V DC @ 500mA

Input:18V 1.5A

Power: 18W