Boss FV-50

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Volume pedalThe BOSS - FV - 50 H can be seen on many pedalboards. Thanks to double inputs and outputs, various stereo or multi -amp setups can be controlled and with the Minimum knob you've practically got a rhythm preset available.

With its high-impedance design, the pedal is interesting for guitarists who want to control the volume of their guitar (and thus also the distortion of the amp) by pedal. The FV 500 fulfils this task - in contrast to most guitar potentiometers - practically without sound loss - particularly before the preamp of the amp! The tuner out is also very practical; With a connected tuner you can tune silently!


  • Input Phone Jack x 2
  • Output Tuner Out
  • Dimensions 86 (W) x 200 (D) x 54 (H) mm
  • Weight: 400 g