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Bluetone Odysseus is a real 2-channel tube amp, which has a common tone stack for clean channel and overdrive stage, which can be switched on with a foot switch. This amp is based on legendary Dumble ODS model, which has became a cult amp within many professional players all around the world. Bluetone Odysseus version has some functional and technical improvements compared to original design. These modifications are a buffered effect loop with Send level and foot switch, PPIMV Master Volume, a cathode biased power amp, which does not need biasing when changing power tubes.

Clean-channel is very versatile consisting a two position Bright switch, Mid Boost switch, Rock-/Jazz-switch and an eq section with Treble, Middle and Bass controls to modify widely your guitar sound. Moreover there ios a OD Trim pot, which helps to tailor desired overdrive sound.  Clean channel is extremely versatile producing a warm Fenderish clean sound, which can also be adjusted to create distortion to some extend.

Overdrive-stage consists Drive and Master controls, which help to create all possible distortion sounds one can imagine. Overdrive-stage can be switched on and off with a foot switch. With clean channel, overdrivestage can produce any sounds from light crunch sounds to distorted lead sounds.

A buffered effects loop can be also used as a Boost when there are no effects connected. This loop works best with studio level effects. Normal foor pedals can also be used in this loop.

This 1x12" combo comes with Celestion Alnico Green 90 W 8 ohm speaker.

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