Bluetone Load Box 50W Lite

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Bluetone Load Box Lite is a 8 ohm 50 W multipurpose reactive and passive attenuator for live use or recording etc. This box has following features:
Scalable 50 W reactive dummy load with -6 dB, -10 dB and -17 dB and Off steps to reduce amp output power even to total silence.
Speaker Through jack, which is parallel with speaker in jack. This works also with 4 ohm speaker output from amplifier.
Speaker Out jack for attenuated guitar signal.
Balanced adjustable Line Out with a jack connector.

This box does not need any external power to work. It is very compact size, W= 14,5 cm, D= 12,0 cm, H=6,5 cm This device has a normal 10 years Blutone warranty.