Black Volt Amplification VFUZZ #074

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An original, but vintage style fuzz pedal based on some of the greatest fuzz circuits in history. Each and every pedal is built completely by hand and hand wired the old fashioned way. NO PCB’s Here. Built on custom turret boards with the highest quality components, VFUZZ has two transistor sockets with transistors that are easily swappable allowing the user to explore and endless variety of Distortion and Fuzz Tones.

We regularly use a wide variety NPN, Germanium and Silicon Transistors.

NPN Transistors must be used when replacing other varieties, but both Silicon and Germanium, new and vintage work just fine.

Power Supply Requires Center Negative 9 to 18 VDC 100mA.

Read your power supply!

When using 18 Volts the pedal will be louder and have more headroom and a more rigid pick attack. 9 Volts is truer to original vintage fuzz face style pedals, but with more volume than the original.



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