GAAS - Gear as a Service

We are offering a brand new way to acquire new gear - guitars, basses, amps etc. The GAAS - Gear as a Service is as simple as it should be. Let´s make an example.

You buy a guitar that is worth 1000 euros.
- You pay the "subscription fee" 20% = 200 euros
- Then we add 10% for the service package on top of the remaining 800 euros, making it 880 euros
- Then we make an agreement for one year subscription and you will get 12 monthly invoices for 74 euros each.
- The basic GAAS subscription includes 2 pack of strings and one annual setup service

Ask more about GAAS from Pete: +358443737376 or

We have marked all GAAS-gear in our selection here online. The subscription requires checking customers personal credit rating. Subscription can be made only at our shop personally.