Monster Pineland 15/25 1x12" RDCA Combo

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The circuit design of the amplifier has been based on the best details of the Monster Mexican family, the new Monster Pineland innovations and the 80’s ODS production. The amplifier is aimed at those who are looking for an extremely rich tone ranging from cleans with percussive crystal clear tones to a wonderful touch sensitive overdrive and compression, wrapped in spacious reverb.

This two-channel amplifier provides an audio space that keeps every guitar in its own unique character. Dynamic tone adjustments and focus switches allow for very detailed tone adjustment and sound balance. Sounds are also “Big” at lower volumes and remain the same at any volume level. It is characterized by the Clean channel’s pure, highly musical and crystal-clear tone, as well as the Lead channel with variable-controlled, tasteful harmonic, first-class touch sensitivity and sustain. The amplifier IS also an excellent platform for external effects and is equipped with an internal, 3-dimensional and dynamic spring reverb with a very wide variability.


  • High-mu twin triodes
  • 2 x 6V6 (American)
  • 1 x 5AR4
  • Custom built Monster transformers
  • Power switch 15W Class A / 25W Class AB1
  • 4 ohm or 8 ohm impedance switch with two output jacks
  • Line out with level adjustment
  • Scale, power amp scale 0 – 100%
  • Dynamic balance (internal)
  • Dynamic bias adjustments (internal)
  • Lush 3-dimensional tube reverb with send control and reverb ON / OFF switch
  • More Channel Window adjustment / up (input level) and room adjustment / down (output level)
  • Ride Boost / More / Reverb footpedal

    EQ controls:
  • Gate, input with HI / LO switch
  • Low, controls the bass frequencies
  • Bloom switch, warmer tonestack voicing
  • Mid, controls the middle frequencies
  • Mid Boost switch, boost the middle frequencies
  • High, controls the high frequencies
  • Shine switch, boost the high frequencies
  • Ride, highly musical ”pristine clean to semi-mean” clean channel pre amp volume
  • Ride Boost ON / OFF switch, increasing level and mid response

  • More, lead channel overdrive level with superior & complex overdrive structure
  • Window, lead channel input level (internal)
  • Room, lead channel output level (internal)
  • More ON / OFF switch
  • Master, transparent overall volume for 1-25W scale
  • Accent, controls the upper middle frequencies voicing
  • Reverb, return level control
  • Aircraft aluminium chassis
  • Semi-open 15mm finger jointed solid pine cabinet with aircraft aluminium interface
  • Black & Red Tolex
  • Black Diamond grill gloth
  • ”F” handle and massive rubber paws
  • EV 12L Speaker
  • 500mm H x 500mm W x 280mm D
  • Weight ~24kg
  • All point-to-point hand wired by Juha Mäntymaa

    Available as a GAAS-product.