Rockbag RB 23100B Pedalboard

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Rockbag pedalboard in working condition. Power source integrated.

The Rockbag RB 23100B is a comfortable option to organise effect pedals when one does not want to make a clumsy and heavy effects board or case.

It has space for 6-8 effect pedals, which can quickly be installed and rearranged by means of the included Velcro. An integrated power supply provides connections for five 9 V and a 12 V device. The pedals can be divided in 2 loops (for example, one for effects for the amplifier and one for the effects in the loop). Very well thought out!

Gigboard for 6 to 8 effect pedals
Integrated 230V power supply
Connections for five 9V and a 12V effect device
2 parallel wired loops (for simultaneous connection for the amp and in the loop)
Dimensions: 70 x 38 x 10 cm
Work surface: 60 x 30 cm