SOLD Lace Cybercaster 2000`s Made in California

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Here is something a little leftfield. Believe it or not, the unusual body shape is not the biggest quirk of this guitar. That title belongs to the 10.8 degree twist in the neck, a feature on all guitars in the Lace Helix range. This torsional twist (imagine twisting the neck around its long axis) reduces the amount of wrist flexion required to fret the strings and less resulting stress on the joint and reduced strain.
The guitar is effortless to play and build quality is great. Only a few hundred were ever made, this one carrying the serial #112. Has Lace Hemi Humbuckers, three way pickup selector, volume and tone controls.  
This is one of the early 2000's California originals, not the cheaper imported re-issues that came out around 2007. Sold without gigbag. Weight 3.5kg